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When you come to us at EncountersNepal.com you may already have clear ideas about what you would like to see and do in Nepal and/or in the surrounding regions after your arrival. We can certainly facilitate your plans and we can also help you with suggestions, advice and guidance, if you are uncertain hodophile as to what might be great holiday experiences suitable for you. When you are considering a trek, a climb, or cultural activities, you need to take into account the following parameters:

1) Time of the year that you will be in Nepal.
March/ April and late September through to December are considered normally to be the best times to experience the wild beauty of the Himalayas as the skies are generally clearer than at other times of the year. During the monsoon season, June, July, August, early September, the rain is frequently heavy, thunderstorms can occur often and this can adversely affect road, river and mountain conditions. In January/ February the skies may be clear but it is very cold in the mountains, so while it is possible to trek then, you will need to be well prepared for possibly freezing conditions and snow. Of course, mountain weather can be unpredictable at any time of the year anywhere in the world, so if you are venturing into the mountains, whatever the time of year, you need to be well prepared with warm, waterproof, windproof, protective clothing in case conditions suddenly change.

2) Your general health and fitness levels.
There are various grades and lengths of mountain paths and walks. Treks can be leisurely or at a faster pace. You also need to be aware of your body’s response to higher altitudes. Feel free to discuss with Rishi what excursions may best suit you either by phone, email, Facebook Messenger or at our office. Rishi will always priorities your safety and well-being but your general enjoyment of your selected activities will also be high up on his list of considerations when you consult him.

3) The time available to you and your general interests.
If a special festival will be taking place during your stay, Rishi will advise you and help you organize the best way for you to view the celebrations or to take part if you would like to. You will need to bear in mind that modest clothing should generally be worn when visiting temples or attending festivals. Rishi will happily explain the reasons for the particular festival and any other matters you need to consider if you wish to enjoy the occasion alongside the local people. Enjoying aspects of Nepal’s rich and colorful religious and cultural life can form long lasting memories and spark your curiosity about the history of the country and its various ethnic groups and religious practices. It will enrich and deepen your understanding of the lives led by contemporary Nepalese people. You will return to your homeland with lifelong memories.

Of course, you may wish also to combine your holiday in Nepal with a visit to the Autonomous Region of Tibet in China or to Bhutan. Rishi has extensive experience in both these destinations and can advise and tailor a side trip especially according to your wishes and interests.

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EncountersNepal has gone the mile to escort backpackers to some of the most enthralling trekking zones across Nepal & over the borders of Bhutan, Tibet & India for over a decade. As a pure adventure operator, the company offers two types of trekking in Nepal: fully organized trekking called 'camping' and 'teahouse/lodge' trekking.

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If you have a spark for adventure, a fondness for medieval cultures, or to trek into the high & wild with all the safety measures, where we give value added service for what you pay for, then EncountersNepal is your ideal travel agent! EncountersNepal.com (P) Ltd. is a fully Government authorized company, -well-known and established agency in Nepal.

At EncountersNepal, we use our in-depth experience picked up over the years to organize tours that truly match with your needs. Whether you are looking for a budget tour, luxury tour treks in the mountains, as a group or individual; we have the expertise to offer you the best.

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Established is 2004, EncountersNepal.com P. Ltd. is a leading Trademark for Eco Trekking, Mountain Expedition, Adventure Travel and Tourism related services in Nepal. We are specializing in organizing environmental, friendly, cultural tours & exciting treks and more.

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